"it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." ~ henry david thoreau

hello there. my name is kelly ishmael. i am a wife, mom, photographer, and mess-maker extraordinaire.

a few years ago, i was facing an empty nest…just sure that the best years of my life were behind me. photography became my way of rediscovering all the beauty and joy that my life still had to offer, even with my only child away at college. my camera helped me to see the world differently…see myself differently. and consequently, i realized that my nest wasn’t really all that empty.

these days my passion is capturing the joy and wonder in my everyday life. whether it’s the beauty of nature which inspires me in so many ways. or finding the light and magic in humble moments at home. this is how i see the world. this my art…the art of an ordinary life.

so in addition to the above, a few random things you might be interested in knowing about me are:

i am a recovering diet coke addict
i am a sentimental nostalgia junkie
i cannot be trusted with a glue gun
homemade bread and butter is my kryptonite

thank you so much visiting my website and portfolio. you can also find my work in these other places on the web:

getty images ~ contributing artist
minding my nest ~ my personal blog
focusing on life ~ a collaborative photography blog regular contributor

thank you again for your interest in my photography. please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need more information.

kind regards,